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ZINNKOSKO Surfboards

Custom Surfboards

At Zinnkosko Surfboards, we take pride in every board we build! Our boards are 100% hand crafted by shaper EJZ. Most people believe custom boards are more expensive than shop boards; this is incorrect.  Our custom boards are in general 15%-25% less $$ than you will find in your local shop.  At Zinnkosko Surfboards we work with our customers through the entire process; from design to art to glassing schedules to fin placement. Our ultimate goal is to design and build a dream board, to find that perfect board takes a team effort of the shaper and customer. If you are ready for a custom give us a call or drop us an email.  We do have used boards as well so check out the site.

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Surf Gear

The SURFERS-Z-KIT is a must have for every surfer in the world!  This kit is for your car, back pack or travel bag; it is filled with items surfers typically need and typically forget.  20 items in one compact pouch.




Kits come in variety of colors

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About The Shaper

Eric has spent most of his life in or on the oceans; and enjoying every minute of the experience. Growing up in northern California and started surfing at the age of 8, his passion of the ocean quickly became an obsession.  After high school he joined the US Coast Guard where he would spend the next 22 years; which also gave him the opportunity to travel and surf in places all around the world, places that he often dreamed of.  

After retiring Eric decided to build his own board after becoming frustrated at the lack of soul in boards being sold in shops. In his teenage years he learned how to do ding repair and became proficient working with fiberglass and resin, so the foundation was already there.  His love and passion for surfing passes through his hands and into the boards he builds; from the outline to rail designs to fin placement Eric is always willing to push the boundaries of "normal" and explore new design ideas. Every surfer is different and every wave is different therefor how can one design work for everyone at every break? Push boundaries and challenge your surfing skills; the reward is pretty unreal!

It didn't take very long for people to see that Eric had something special with board design and construction; he prides himself in that, every aspect of a board is completed by his hands alone. He can talk for hours about design and theory; its his passion to find that perfect design for every surfer that orders a board.

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Custom Designs

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Trim Master for Ethan


New Hampshire, USA


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